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Roasted Fiocco
Culatello and Fiocco are definitely the best parts of ham. They are obtained by boning the thigh along its length and removing bones and shinbone. They are salted in brine with a selected mix of herbs and spices and let cook in the oven. Cooking highlights flavours and aromas of meat. Its main characteristic is the delicacy and fragrance of its flavour. Use: ideal for deli trays, quick snacks and delicious sandwiches. Storage: once it has been partially sliced, it should be kept in the refrigerator wrapped in a protective plastic wrap. Transport: refrigerated.
Spalla Cotta San Secondo
The historical evidence of the production of this meat dates back to 1170 when Spalla Cotta was mentioned for the first time in official documents. The compositor Giuseppe Verdi praised it several times in his letters and used to give it to his friends. The first exhibition of the same name dates back to 1957, since then the consumption of this product outside of the province of Parma has strengthened. It is obtained by completely boning the fresh shoulder, leaving it in salt for a few days and then encasing it in a pig bladder. It is dried before cooking it in a pot of hot water. It should be served warm and cut into slices of medium thickness. It is suitable as a second course, served with sauces or side dishes of vegetables. It is also great eaten cold in sandwiches or sliced.
Lardo Pesto with vegetables
It is processed by following an ancient family recipe that has remained unchanged for more than 90 years. Today, as then, it is made of the best pig fat by mincing and beating it in order to get a soft and delicate cream. Its production consists in the delicate cold milling and subsequent kneading with the selected ingredients. We use only fresh vegetables and sea salt. It is ideal to spread on warm bread as an appetiser or to flavour dishes. It is also great for cooking eggs or meat in a pan. It is used to flavour soups or vegetables. Storage: always in the refrigerator.
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