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Gordo® of Casalbarbato
Registered Trademark
Another exclusive product made by "Salumificio Rossi." In fact, we invented it as cold cut and then registered it with a trade name. It is technically a throat that has been sewn and aged for a long time. The special processing allows the product to be protected by its rind to prevent the development of rancidity which is typical of fat-based cured meats. It is ideal to be consumed as cold cut, appetizer or in sandwiches. Try it with warm bread and on top of the hot fried polenta. The whole cold cut should be kept in a cellar. On the other hand, once it has been partially sliced it should be stored in the refrigerator and peeled off according to its consumption.
Culaccia® "Rossi"
Culaccia® is an exclusive registered trademark product by Salumificio Rossi. Invented by Riccardo Rossi many years ago, it is made from the highly-prized and prime part of the leg without bone, shank or “fiocco”. It is processed and matured using all-natural methods and it is neither stuffed nor worked in any other way. There is little waste and its characteristic shape provides uniform slices from the beginning to the end. It has the tenderness of ham and the sweet mellowness of Culatello. The whole Culaccia® is stored in a cellar, or at least in a cool and moist environment. Once it has been partially sliced, it is recommended that the product be kept in the refrigerator.
Classic Culatello
Typical product of the province of Parma, culatello is made from the largest muscular part of the hind leg of pigs, deboned and without skin. It is hand-salted and dressed externally with a protection (bladder) to better preserve and protect it. Its processing ends with the hand-tying. It is a cured meat with an intense and distinctive flavour reminding the scents and aromas of a well-defined area (the Bassa Parmense). It is a classic product that shows the territory and moulds in the Po Valley cellars. The whole product should be hung in a damp, poorly ventilated place. It should be peeled and washed before consumption. Once cut, it is recommended that the product be kept in the refrigerator.
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