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Salumificio Rossi between history and tradition

“ROSSI” family tradition as producers of cured meats dates back to the 19th century when they produced their products in a small shop in the centre of the town of Fontanellato. Today the family is in its sixth generation... an almost unique reality in this field in Italy.

The tradition of cured meats production in the area culturally dates back to the 15th century and it is linked to the medieval villages, such as the Fortress of Fontanellato that besides being a fine example of military architecture, is also a significant testimony of the presence of rich noble families that did not neglect art (the cycle of Parmigianino is important) and that appreciated haute cuisine and gastronomy. The latter, as evidenced by the close links between the different plain Fortresses and Castles, has strongly influenced the evolution of quality food production and their culinary use.

Salumificio Rossi In 1800 the butcher shop (and delicatessen) of the "Rossi" family, which was located around the Sanvitale Castle, was a point of reference both in Fontanellato and in the nearby villages.

At the time it was very original, with characteristics similar to those of a delicatessen, where you could taste the cold cuts before buying them in a friendly atmosphere, which was typical at that time.
Or you could simply taste two slices in company.
From a small shop it was soon constructed a real slaughterhouse in the first surrounding of the Fortress.
The historic shops are still owned by the family. It was indeed a real workshop including meats and cheeses curing and wine cellar.

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