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La Culaccia® of Fontanellato, the exclusive product by Salumificio Rossi

Salumificio Rossi The company is very proud of the fact that they invented Culaccia®. This product was designed and created by Riccardo Rossi and it has always been made exclusively.

Many years have passed since Riccardo Rossi produced for the first time this prestigious cold cut. It is technically a culatello with pork rind and it was born in fact during the production of culatello. Accidentally but deliberately, like all products belonging to our tradition, as a result of continuous attempts during the different processing.

Then Riccardo Rossi invented the name "Culaccia" to distinguish this cold cut on the market and make it unique.
This name thus became a registered trademark by Salumificio Rossi - Erre Italia.
The product soon spread beyond the geographical boundaries of the province and is now a major landmark in the world of Italian cured meats.
The environment was another important factor for the birth of Culaccia®. Fontanellato has got the ideal climatic and cultural conditions to improve and mature at best.
And then the importance of the microclimate related to the richness of fresh surface water emerging particularly during the hot summer months.  For example Cannetolo, a place rich in reeds, or Sanguinaro for the presence, in the past, of herba sanguinaria or sanguinella (Digitariasanguinalis), have the favourable climate for its development, as it is neither too dry nor too humid.
This microclimate which is moderately balanced between dry and humid, conditioned by karst springs and springs, represent the specific factor of environmental typicality for the curing of a cold cut such as Culaccia® which is in part protected by the rind and in part devoid of rind and uncovered.
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