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Classic Fiocco
It is the smallest ham muscle commonly known as Fiocco. Once it has been boned when still fresh and peeled its skin (rind) off it is salted, put into a pig bladder and hand-tied. It is then dried in static cells (non-ventilated) and matured in our cellars. There is little waste and its characteristic shape provides uniform slices from the beginning to the end. It is drier than the traditional cured meats, especially externally. Its light weight allows a rapid consumption. Its intense flavour makes it very unique. Whole Fiocco should be stored in a cool place (cellar). It should be gradually peeled before consumption. Once cut, it is recommended that the product be kept in the refrigerator.
Felino Salami PGI
This salami has been mentioned for the first time in the first century after Christ. Felino Salami was well known in the courts that succeeded in Parma "capital” such as the Farnese family, the Bourbons and the Duchess Maria Luigia. It is in fact the noblest salami in the province of Parma. The careful choice of meats and natural ingredients is an essential step for the success of this salami. The early production phases are the grinding and the gentle kneading with salt and spices. The mixture is then stuffed into a pig’s intestine that facilitates its drying and slow maturing. With its characteristic and fragrant taste, it should be sliced diagonally into oval-shaped slices.
Typical small salami of the Bassa Parmense made from meat obtained from the Culatello processing. In the past, every family raised pigs at home (and some still do it): they were fed with kitchen scraps, nothing was wasted. Strolghino is obtained from these homemade productions and it is the first cured meat eaten after pork processing. The careful selection of meats and ingredients is an essential step for the success of this salami. After grinding, the mixture is stuffed into an extremely thin intestine which accelerates its drying and rapidly leads to maturing. Delicate and light in taste and it is eaten still soft.
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