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Culatello of Zibello PDO
A typical product of the Bassa Parmense, culatello is made with the largest muscular part of the hind leg of pigs, deboned and without skin. It is hand-salted and dressed externally with a protection (bladder) to better preserve and protect it. After being placed in a natural skin it is hand-tied. The whole product should be hung in a damp, poorly ventilated place. It should be peeled and washed before consumption. Once cut, the product should be stored in the refrigerator.
Prosciutto of Parma PDO
It is a typical product made in the province of Parma that has a centuries-old tradition. It is famous all over the world and is characterized both by its nutritional characteristics and by the "Ducal Crown", the fire-branded trademark which is present only on the original ones. After being salted, the ham is dried in ventilated cells before completing its curing in cellars. Its slices are sweet and soft and are ideal for deli trays, quick snacks and filled sandwiches.
The Culaccina® is an exclusive product by Salumificio Rossi, our registered trademark. It is obtained from the smallest muscle of the ham called Fiocco or Fiocchetto. Once boned when still fresh and left with rind, it is first salted, then dried in ventilated cells and therefore matured in our cellars. There is little waste and its characteristic shape provides uniform slices from the beginning to the end. The rind protects its outer surface while keeping the product soft even after a long maturing period. Its light weight allows a rapid consumption. Its characteristic sweetness and flavour make it very appetizing. Whole should be stored in a cool place (cellar). Once cut, it is recommended that the product be kept in the refrigerator
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